There seems to be a soured relationship at the moment between His Royal Majesty, Uche Irenuma 11, the Obi of Abavo, in Ika South Local Government Area and the Eleme of Obianyima, Chief Freedom Oseke, a young Community leader who was installed last year. Oseke succeeded his late father, Chief Vincent Aminanwhan who was murdered in cold blood about a decade ago.

Chief Freedom Oseke

Ika Mirror gathered that the cold war between Obi Irenuma 11 and the young Eleme began following the latter’s outright refusal to be gaged.
The source said, “the father of the present Eleme,Chief Vincent Aminanwhan was allegedly shot dead by his half brother called Joseph Chiyem.The late father of this present Obi dragged a reserved land at Obianyima with the late father of the present Eleme of Obianyima of which the late Eleme defeated him in court. Obi Uche Irenuma 11 now wants this present Eleme( Chief Oseke) to give him the same reserved land in Obianyima which the Eleme’s late father won in court which the young Eleme refused . Since the Eleme refusal, Obi Uche now vowed that the Eleme will never function in his traditional role in Obianyima.

further said, “Joseph Chiyem who allegedly shot dead the late Eleme has a case is in court. Being a closed friend of the Obi, he( Obi) wants the Eleme to withdraw the murderer case against Joseph Chiyem. The Eleme refused, saying he was not the one who took the case to court in the first place. This angered the Obi as he has vowed that the Eleme will never perform his traditional duties.

The summary of it all is that Obi Uche Irenuma 11, wants to claim the reserved land in Obianyima and also,
he wants the Eleme to withdraw the murderer charge against his friend, Joseph Chiyem.The Obi has now suspended the Eleme of Obianyima, Chief Freedom Oseke.Presently, the acting Eleme in Obianyima Community is Joseph Chiyem,the alleged killer of the late Eleme, Chief Vincent Aminanwhan.Chiyem has the full backing of the Obi of Abavo.The Obi has banned the Eleme from the palace and from calling town meetings. Currently, there’s crisis in the community.”

The response of His Royal Majesty Obi Uche Irenuma 11, the Obi of Abavo to the Obianyima issue will be published next week.

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