A popular iron fabricator in Agbor, Mr. Ekiegini Omaghe has cried to concerned members of the public over alleged oppression and illegal intrusion into his compound. Omaghe in tears told newsmen that his oppressors don’t want him to enjoy his house with members of his family.

His words, “The Igumbor should be told to remove the death trap in my house. The Igumbor family has been and still a torn in my flesh. I have a manageable house and compound where I was living peaceably with my wife and children before they came to the area and excavated my compound and blocked the entrance to my house. I have been trying my best to get justice but the corrupt system we are in is not helping issues.

He further said, “Recently, the Igumbor family sent Ibiegwa and Agbor Gha Ihun members to arrest me in my office and they succeeded in humiliating me. When I pressed further I was able to get a royal order from our revered King, the Dein of Agbor that an illegal construction work by the Igumbor family in my compound should stop. To my greatest surprise, the work continued. They boasted that who is Dein to stop them. My question now is that, is Igumbor family bigger than our revered King for them to flout his order? Two, are the Ibiegwa’s and Agbor Gha Ihun members under the supervision of the Igumbor family?

Three, is the Igumbor family now above Agbor.Four, if the Igumbor family could get me arrested by Agbor Gha Ihun members, why can’t they obey the King’s order? For your information, the Igumbor family is building a fence on an empty ground in my compound and without my permission.
Nmunem doodoo ni, gwaanii nmu Igumbor bia de wee pu onyia ri iwem”.

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