All Progressives Congress, APC Chairman in Ika South Local Government Area, Engr Moses Ebede has condemned what he called shabby jobs execution by the Ika South Local Government Council. Ebede who spoke in an interview during the week said that PDP has failed the people of his local government; hence, APC should be given the opportunity to start governing the local government in the next council election.

His words, “PDP government in Ika South Local Government would have allowed sleeping dogs lie by maintaining the no performance rating than embarking on suicidal attempt to send poor traders at Edike Street Temporary Market to their early graves if not for the divine intervention of God Almighty that made what would been termed heaviest natural disaster of our time had it been that these traders have moved into the stores and doing their daily business. Unimaginable, inestimable and colossal damage to life and property would have affected these innocent traders who never solicited for a temporary market when for years they have been trading in a temporary place organized by them.

“We in APC Ika South felt concerned and have these questions to ask as it has became a norm for PDP government in both state and local arms of government are involved in these poor execution of contract especially, in our local government Ika South not minding the environmental impact and risk they are exposing our people to. Does it mean they don’t have qualified engineers in our works department at both state and local level? Do they engage consultancy services of professionals before deploying our common wealth or they just rushed into projects execution just to score temporary political points? Do they think they are doing charities to our people with our common wealth? Only in our local government we see culverts built without iron rods and support. Some of the roads and drainages constructed have collapsed less than two years of construction. Sometimes, we see water being channeled to people houses.

“From mere empowerment to the people with our own resources, only in our state and local government is it exclusively for just PDP card carrying members forgetting that they have the mandate to serve all.

“These traders in Edike Street Temporary Market have never experienced any form of natural disaster and have experienced tremendous growth irrespective of no assistance from the local government who collect huge taxes from them in where they are now.
“We know that successive PDP government in Ika South had performed poorly since 1999 but, Victor Okoh led government is a disaster and never to be wished. The government is almost completing her tenure and may want what they can be remembered for. But, they have failed and three or four months left can’t be used to rewrite history when they wasted their three years without meaningful achievement irrespective of federal allocation to local governments and our Internal Generated Revenue, IGR.

“The people of Ika South should rise up and take their destinies in their hands because the continued decline in quality service to the local government by persons representing us at various elective positions and appointments from the Federal level down to the local level do not in any way seem to have any empirical measure of our long history of civilization coupled with the the two ace kingdoms that having existed for many centuries; Agbor and Abavo kingdom. Ika South has able-bodied men and women who have the passion to develop our local government but, the value system fostered on us by PDP leaders in choosing who represent us in Ika nation should be a thing of concern to all our people especially those who are well placed in our society. We cannot leave this role to only those in partisan politics who by privilege found themselves in the positions of government.

Speaking further he said, “Ika South people are very hard working people but, no matter how hard you work, bad government can bring you down; and your continuous struggle to sustain good life for yourselves in providing what would have ordinarily be the responsibility of government reduces the life expectancy of our people. Our interest and passion in who governed us and our political awareness should increase if we have to change the narrative. We should make out time to participate actively in the process of electing who represent us in various elective offices and appointments. Our brothers and sisters who God has blessed should show interest in the politics of our local government by getting the people together to make decision as it affects us. We must make government to work for us else, we use our hard earned resources that we sometimes get from outside our local government to provide for ourselves to make life easy for our people while the government that supposed to shoulder those responsibilities engage in waste of our common wealth.

“We have continued to allow outside influence impose people on us without entering any social contract with these people they brought out among us thereby, making it impossible to hold them accountable. We are in democracy and the people choose the government they want and if you refuse to play this role others will help to do it. This uninterested attitude towards politics is what we believed is a making political office holder in Ika South playing down on sensibility of our people.

“For the present Ika South Local Government my advice is to finish your tenure and go, then you will now be remembered for this Ediken Street Temporary Market saga and your total failure to deliver on your promises. For Ika people, this is a wakeup call to be part of the process and working of your government”.

Engr. Moses Ebede

Hon. Barr. Victor Okoh

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