Residents of Boji Boji Metropolis have during an interactive session with Ika Mirror Newspaper reporter on Wednesday, April 28, 2021, commended the effort of the Delta State Governor, His Excellency Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, on the appointment of Professor (Mrs.) Stella Chinye Chiemeke, a Professor of Computer Science, as the Pioneer Vice Chancellor of the University of Delta, Agbor, Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State.

It will be recalled that the Delta State Governor on Monday, April 26, 2021, appointed Vice Chancellors for the Three New Universities established by the state government.

Those appointed are Prof. Ben Emukufia Akpoyamere Oghojafor, for Denis Osadebey University, Anwai, Asaba. Prof. (Mrs.) Stella Chinye Chiemeke, for the University Of Delta, Agbor, and Prof. Jacob Snapps Oboreh, for the University Of Science And Technology, Ozoro.
Here are the contributions of some of the respondents who bared their mind on the appointment of Professor (Mrs.) Stella Chinye Chiemeke, as the First Vice Chancellor of the University of Delta, Agbor.
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Mr. Azikiwe Samuel, A Civil Servant with the newly established University of Delta, Agbor, said “I may not have had a personal relationship with her, but with the little knowledge I have about her when I went for an interview at Ogwashi-Uku, for the position of a Bursar, I was able to understand that she is someone that is well endowed in terms of her area of specialization and I equally found out from some colleagues there, that she is very disciplined and homely. Her credentials is a welcome development and I equally acknowledge the fact that she will be of help to the new University based on her wealth of experience and her being able to coordinate issues that have to do with contemporary times especially as it concerns funding, because if you look at where she was before at Ogwashi-Uku, it’s like they were having this issue of funding but when she came on board, she was able to do the needful and at the end of the day things started moving as it ought to be in the school. So, I believe that in the same vein, she will be of help to this newly established University. My wish to her is that as she resumes as the first Vice Chancellor of the University of Delta, Agbor, let her take all of us as part of the building process, so that at the end of the day we will all achieve the purpose of her coming and I equally wish her a wonderful and prosperous tenure as she pilot the affairs of this great institution”.
Mrs. Anene Boyle Ngozi, An Officer in the School of Sciences at the newly established University of Delta, Agbor, said “I was very happy when I heard that Prof. (Mrs.) Stella Chiemeke, has been appointed as the pioneer Vice Chancellor of this University, it was very challenging, I see it as a new dawn, I see it as something good that has come to this University and to Ika Land, believing that everything is going to take a new turn positively considering the credentials and profile of the new Vice Chancellor. I strongly believe that she is equal to the task, however, she should work as led, urging that she should put God first, and all other things will be put in place”.

Mrs. Okposo E. N., A Lecturer at the newly established University of Delta, Agbor, said “First of all, I want to appreciate the Delta State Governor for the kind gesture of deeming it fit for a woman to be appointed, as you know, Three new Vice Chancellors were appointed for the newly created Universities and a woman is among them, that is a very good one and kudos to the Governor for appointing a woman for the University of Delta, Agbor, we are also very happy because looking at the antecedents of the woman from where she is coming from, it’s something to really hope for that better things will come with her emergence as the pioneer Vice Chancellor of UNIDEL, so we are hoping that she will come and take the institution to greater heights, because from her credentials we discover that she is a woman with a reputable character, a woman that has gone far in her chosen career and profession, and her appointment is going to spur the women to aspire for higher degrees/certificates and for higher positions. From what we have seen, she is somebody that has a good character and a good heart. I encourage other women to emulate her and also work in that line to attain such position and even more than she has attained”.

Mr. Ogunbor O. G., A Management staff of the newly established University of Delta, Agbor, said “The appointment of Prof. (Mrs.) Stella Chiemeke, as the Pioneer Vice Chancellor of the University of Delta, Agbor, is a welcome development, she is a hard working woman of high profile and integrity. The woman is a family friend, I know her very well, she is capable of handling an institution of this magnitude, I know that she will pilot it to an enviable level. I have no doubt that with her wealth of experience she will perform her duties creditably well even better than some of her male counterparts.

I want to really appreciate His Excellency Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, the Executive Governor of Delta State, for finding Prof. Stella Chinye Chiemeke, worthy of the appointment, and it also represent the gender balance of his administration, it is a good one, I want to once again appreciate him and commend him that he has done well”.

Mr. Cletus Eziokwu Okwuokenye, A Businessman, said “I got the information about her appointment online and confirmed that it was true. I commend our Executive Governor His Excellency Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, for appointing a woman as the first Vice Chancellor of the University of Delta, Agbor, it has proven to the women in the state that there is no discrimination on the female genders. However, I urge the new Vice Chancellor to let her leadership of the newly established citadel of learning be one that will be applauded through her efforts in putting in place the spirit of excellence in the school, being an Ika indigene she has to put up her best irrespective of tribe or ethnicity and be very much transparent. She should deploy every necessary administrative pattern that she knows will augur well with her and never give room for breakdown of law and order.

Further more, the new Vice Chancellor, should ensure that the voice of the school is heard, by giving the Students Union body of the school a good opportunity to exercise their franchise and bring the perpetrators of breakdown of law and order to book as quickly as possible geared towards instilling discipline among the students and conducive learning environment for all the members of the University community. With such harmonious atmosphere and quality education in the institution, she will be a woman of substance to reckon with, and a Pan Ika woman at all time”.

Mr. Emmanuel Uzor, A Businessman, said “The appointment of the new Vice Chancellor is a great news and a welcome development, I commend His Excellency the Governor of Delta State, for recognizing the role of the women in our society. It is a thing of joy that the pioneer Vice Chancellor of the University of Delta, Agbor, is a woman, the choice is indeed heart warming and it is a laudable achievement on the part of the Governor, knowing that it will give a sense of belonging to the women folk.

We expect the woman to perform very well, no doubt we have witnessed several activities of some women playing active roles in politics and have excelled tremendously in such assignments. I was informed that the woman is an accomplished educationists, hence I have no doubt in my mind that she will do well. Nevertheless, we urge her to take the University to higher heights in actualizing set goals and to also take Ika Nation to national limelight. I will further advise the new Vice Chancellor to carry out wide range reforms, so that the University will be one of the best Universities in Nigeria”.

Mr. Emmanuel Uzor
Mr. Cletus E. Okwuokenye
Mr. Ogunbor. O.G
Mrs. Okposo E.N
Mrs. Anene Boyle Ngozi
Mr. Azikiwe Samuel
Prof. (Mrs.) Stella Chinye Chiemeke

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