I have studied her for the past eight weeks.
And I have noticed…
That she has done nothing…
But have been criticized.
And when I approached her,
She gave me ‘the lesson’
Her words read thus;
“you don’t want to be gossiped, you don’t want to be criticized.
You don’t want to be mocked, you don’t want to be embarrassed,
Then don’t get ready to be published”
I then thought about what she just said.
It is only then I notice…
That they certainly fit her records.
When she misspells a word,
They call her ‘dumb’.
When she contributes actively on class activities,
They say ‘too serious’.
When she sleeps during class hours,
They call her’ lazy’.
When she talks when everyone is talking,
They call her ‘talkative’.
When she sings during the assembly,
They say she ‘croaks like a frog’.
she trips,
They call her ‘clumsy’.
When she decides to crack joke,
It is called ‘lame’
And when she finally decides to be static,
They say ‘see as you just sit down’
Now, I have realized that
“Whatever you say or do, people will ‘say’ and people will criticize, whether good or bad”
I guess criticism is a part of the human gene.

nmas corner

©Nma Ewere

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