A mid singing and dancing by the people of Egwu-Igba, the installation of Elder Augustine Chukwuka Ofili from Ayomoroko Ile Quarters in Umunede Kingdom in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State has on Thursday, November 19, 2020 installed the Ojubi of Idumu-Ile Quarters Umunede.

Elder Chukwuka Ofili who is the Ojubi of Idumu-Ile Quarters said that the role of Ojubi office is to see to the welfare of the three villages that comprises Idumu-Ile Quarters which are: Ayomoroko Village, Osegbena Village and Ozoba Village has said in the three villages of Idumu-Ile Quarters of the same parent. Idumu-Ayomoroko Village is the senior which the leader comes out at any appointed time to lead the two other village’s Idumu-Osegbena and Idumu-Ozoba.

In an interview, the newly installed Ojubihe confirmed that the Ojubi Office is rotational among the Ayomoroko family village according to seniority, which Elder Augustine Chukwuka Ofili attained at the age of 84 years .

The Ojubi said that God puts him on the ancient throne of Idumu-Ile Community to strive for a continued peace, unity and security for his people and to defend the territorial integrity of the Community.
The Ojubi who said that he was overwhelmed with the large turn-out of the people of Umunede Kingdom, top Government Officials.

Deacon Christopher Aghautor, the General Secretary to Ayomoroko family Idumu-Ile Quarters made everywhere to be groovy as everybody present simile and danced on the occasion of Elder Augustine Chukwuka Ofili installation as the Ojubi of Umunede kingdom.

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