In line with the spirit of the yuletide, members of an online community, Ewere Okonta Blogs, put smiles on the faces of inmates at the Agbor Correctional Centre when they went visiting on Tuesday, December 29, bearing gifts ranging from foodstuffs and toiletries. The visit was sponsored by two members of the platform living abroad; Mr. Isaiah Zeep Okoh based in the U.S and Mr. Oneike Eborka based in Canada.
Members of the online platform, who were clad in red Polo tee-shirts, took time out to interact with some of the inmates upon which it was revealed to them some unfortunate circumstances surrounding the incarceration of some inmates.

Convener of the platform, Mr. Ewere Okonta took keen interest in one particular inmate, Lucky Michael who was incarcerated since 2019(March) on the charge of accomplice to the theft of a motorcycle. He was sentenced to three years imprisonment with an option of a fine amounting to one hundred and ten thousand naira. Ewere Okonta secured his release by offsetting the fine the following day December 30.
In the words of the ex ifreedom.”this is a like a dream to me. God indeed sent an angel in human form to answer my prayers. I was in a wrong place at the wrong time. I never knew my friend was a thief. We usually hung out at a palm wine joint along Azehan Street, Agbor, but on that fateful day, security operatives suddenly stormed the joint where we take palm wine and apprehended me as my friend who they were after took off upon sighting them. They recovered a motorcycle which they alleged was stolen at gunpoint from a woman. I was interrogated and asked to lead them to his house. When they could not locate his whereabouts, I was remanded and consequently sentenced to three years imprisonment with an option fine amounting to a hundred and ten thousand naira”, he narrated.

He stated that since he couldn’t raise the fine money and coming from a poor background with none of his family members being able to raise the money, he resigned to serving his time. Little did he know that a miracle was in the making for him.

He was full of praise to his benefactor and members of EOB and prayed God to bless them abundantly.
Admonishing the youths to learn from his experience, he warned that crime and bad company(friends) can lead one to his doom and encouraged them to embrace lawful ventures.
He also appealed to well meaning individuals to reach out to inmates at the correctional centre, noting that a whole lot of them are just a token of kindness away from freedom.

As for me, I’m heading back to my village (Igbodo) and lead a life devoid of crime”, he said with a big grin.

EOB members with the freed inmate.

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