Earlier, when I was younger I had thought if a person hadn’t gone to school for the job he/she is performing i.e. manual jobs, then the person is inferior so is his work.

But then, my perspective changed after seeing this inscription on a bill board. There is something called dignity of labour!
The same way my perspective changed after seeing that inscription, I want someone’s perspective to change after reading this.


Dignity of labour is a clause which states that all types of job should be equally respected and no occupation is superior to another.
It is the theory that no occupation is considered higher than the other.
A Plumber is as important as a Medical Doctor.
A Farmer is as important as a Lawyer.
So is the Bricklayer as important as a Banker.

If your work provides you a living, then it should be respected by one and all.

Unfortunately, many in our society consider people who perform manual jobs as inferior and they themselves who perform these jobs begin to develop something called ‘inferiority complex’.
Therefore, I appeal that this mentality should be changed and be done away with.

In conclusion, one important aspect to remember is that there is no shame in doing a job that pay your bills no matter what it entails but should be done with dignity and respect.

©Nma Ewere.

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