My parents just left the house.
My mum thinks she’s smart not knowing she has an upcoming generation that is smarter than her.
She hid the tin of milk in my dad’s wardrobe where his shoes were kept.
She didn’t want me to use milk for my garri so the milk will last till this month ends.

So I went to where she hid it “she think say she get sense pass me”.
I took four spoons if not more.
I went outside and made my garri.

The garri was just “whiting” as if it was white garri.
Almost immediately, my mum rode into the compound.
“E just is like film trick for my eye”.

I quickly ran into the kitchen, poured salt into the garri and added extra water.
The salt in the garri was like………………. hmn I can’t explain.
I started scooping the garri into my mouth.
The garri was just rising like bread dough they have not put inside oven.
My mum entered into the house and she asked.

“You are drinking garri”
As if she was blind
“yes ma”
“I hope you did not put milk”
“No ma”
“Follow me”
I followed her outside and she said,
“Start eating it, don’t put any water”

One thing was for sure, she had already caught me.
At that time, I was no longer soaking garri, I was eating eba.
After some time, she was like
“Am not asking you to eat this garri because you took milk or you poured salt into your garri.
Am asking you to eat it because you are lying to me.”

©Nma Ewere.

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