Words on the marble

“As we inch closer towards Saturday’s election, I urge the people of Edo State to come out in large numbers to help re-elect Governor Obaseki — and to protect their votes on Election Day in their respective polling units”.

  • Governor Ifeanyi Okowa

“With just a few days left till they head to the polls, today, at the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) rally at the Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium in Benin City, I called on the great people of Edo State to help re-elect my brother, Governor Godwin Obaseki on Saturday. As seen by his commendable ward-to-ward campaign, Governor Obaseki has shown that he has touched every area of Edo State with his developmental projects. This is why; the people of Edo State will be best served with his re-election. As we inch closer towards Saturday’s election, I urge the people of Edo State to come out in large numbers to help re-elect Governor Obaseki and to protect their votes on Election Day in their respective polling units”.

~~Gov Ifeanyi Okowa

“The committee chaired by Mr. Godwin Idiaghe is mandated to frequently meet with the Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC), Agbor Business Unit Manager for update on prepaid meters and all other matters relating to electricity supply, and report the outcome of their meeting to us for further deliberations.

“Importantly, BEDC to ensure that all electricity consumers in Ika land are issued with prepaid meters without any pre-condition.
“No doubt, BEDC has longed enslave us for our rights towards enjoying their services”.

Mr. Arimokwu while thanking the youths for joining them in their meeting to find out the outcome of their struggle for prepaid meters, enjoined residents to disregard text message from the LECAN office in Agbor informing them that prepaid meters are ready and to come forth for information for claims. LECAN does not have the power to issue prepaid meters. It is the sole responsibility of BEDC and whoever fall victim of fraud in the name to procure prepaid meter is at his or her own risk”.

–Vincent Arimokwu President Ika Landlords/Landladies.

“In 1956, while living with my uncle, we had our fair share of poverty. He was poor but I was poorer. We mutually shared whatever we had. One day, we were very hungry and there was no food in sight. Then all of a sudden a young girl approached us and said her sister asked her to give us the food she was carrying -pounded yam with vegetable soup and chicken. My uncle told her he did not know her sister and asked if she was sure we were the right people the food was meant for. She replied in the affirmative, so we received the gift and my uncle told her he will be expecting more gifts from her sister like this one she brought. Immediately’ the girl left, we pounced on the food. As soon as we were done eating the food, the girl resurfaced and said it was all a mistake that the food was not for us. Who will give a hungry lion a goat and expect to get it back? The mercy of God can corner what was meant for somebody else for the recipient of His mercy. This season, the mercy of God will bring you blessings and opportunities including, the ones not initially meant for you. By an unplanned move or deed, mercy will connect you to your destiny. Mercy turns mistakes into appointments. When mercy is involved, there are no mistakes! Father, let your mercy compel mistakes to work in my favor in Jesus’ Name AMEN!!!!!”

—Pastor Enoch Adeboye

“PDP government in Ika South Local Government would have allowed sleeping dogs lie by maintaining the no performance rating than embarking on suicidal attempt to send poor traders at Edike Street Temporary Market, Agbor to their early graves if not for the divine intervention of God Almighty that made what would been termed heaviest natural disaster of our time had it been that these traders have moved into the stores and doing their daily business. It would have been an unimaginable, inestimable and colossal damage to lives and property of these innocent traders who never solicited for a temporary market when for years they have been trading in a temporary place organized by them.

We, in APC Ika South felt concerned and have these questions to ask as it has became a norm for PDP government in both state and local arms of government are involved in these poor execution of contracts especially in our local government Ika south not minding the environmental impact and risk they are exposing our people to”

-Ebede Moses
APC Chairman,Ika South

“We must understand that God, in these times, want to bring us into perfect life so that we never under any circumstances, need to go outside of His word for anything. I suppose the women would have a good understanding of what I mean from the illustration of a screaming child being taken around from one person to another but never satisfied until he gets to the arms of the mother. You will find there is no peace, no help, no source of strength, no power, no life. Nothing can satisfy the cry of a child of God but the word of God. God has a special way of satisfying the cry of His children”.

–Evang. Paul Ebede.

“Note that Government never builds any business that is sustainable because of political manipulation that ridicules standards to put any such businesses on the road to extinction. The job of any and every responsible government is to create an enabling environment for free enterprise driven by the private sector while it regulated and collects taxes and fees needed to administer the state.
That’s how Texas is run for the good of everybody regardless of party affiliations and without the need for thugs. NIGERIA IS IN DARKNESS AT ALL LEVELS THAT WE MUST SACRIFICE TO ILLUMINATE THROUGH MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICES OF LEADERSHIP”.

–Smart Ajaja.

“The people of Ika South Local Government should hold the council accountable if the safety of traders will not be guaranteed at Edike Temporary Market. ADC, as the only credible voice of the people must speak out. The era of impunity is over. ADC hereby, condemns in totality the poor standard of the work being carried out by the PDP led local government council. We are using this medium to call on the council authority to as a matter of urgency stop the entire construction work and start a new one in the next 72hours”.

–Engr. Austin C.Okolie, ADC Chairman, Ika South.

“APC is one family in Ika South Local Government Area. We are out to win elections and render quality service to our people and not to short change them. Therefore, I am calling on all our members particularly, ward chairmen to work in synergy in order for us to achieve our targeted goals. We are proud of our party and we will continue to work towards its growth in all ramifications”.

–Elder Moses Nwakor, APC Chairman, Ika South

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