The Eleme of oil rich Obianyima Community in Abavo, Ika South Local Government Area, Chief Freedom Oseke has cried out to the Delta State Government and relevant authorities in the state to come to his rescue, saying that his office as the traditional leader of the community has been hijacked by the Onyeichen and other rebel groups in his community.
The Eleme who addressed the press during the week at Agbor said that he has been stopped from performing his duty by the Obi of Abavo, His Royal Majesty Uche Irenuma I1 since his installation in November last year.

He said all efforts made so far for Obi Irenuma to support his(Eleme) leadership at Obianyima has been abortive as rebel groups believed to be enjoying the support of the Obi of Abavo are worsening the situation.
The Chief Oseke disclosed that the cold war between him and Obi Irenuma 11 began following his refusal to be gagged on some lingering issues in Obianyima

He said that his late father ,Chief Vincent Aminanwhan was shot dead on his way from the palace, stating that the unsettled issue of a reserved land in Obianyima made his father’s enemies to kill him.

” Obi Uche Irenuma 11 now wants me to give him the said reserved land in Obianyima which my late father won in court in 1997.He has suspended me and vowed that I will never act as Eleme since I have refused to say yes to his requests, which also includes the withdrawal of the murder case against my late father .

“The summary of it all is that Obi Uche Irenuma 11, wants to claim the reserved land in Obianyima and also,
he wants me to withdraw the murder case of my late father which is still in court . He has suspended me. Presently, the acting Eleme in Obianyima Community appointed by the Obi is the Onyeichen, Pa Morka Daniel Chukwuji. The Obi has banned me from from convening meetings at Obianyima.

Currently, there is no peace in my community, Obianyima.”
He appealed to the Delta State Government and other relevant authorities in the state to intervene before the situation will assume another dimension. He promised to remain law abiding until the issue is resolved by the state government.

HRMUche Irenuma I1,the Obi of Abavo
Chief Freedom Oseke

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