… calls for support for the King

By Marvin Enyosa

Community leader with triple Chieftaincy title, Chief Sunday Solomon Ibude, has expressed gratitude to His Royal Majesty, the Dein of Agbor, Dr. Benjamin Ikenchuku, Keagborekuzi the first, for honouring him with a royal visit at his business arena during the week.

Chief Ibude who holds the title of Mebuozosome Dein of Agbor, said he was overwhelmed with the surprise visit which also witnessed the presence of notable Agbor son’s such as Mr. Peter Idion, Hon. Noye Kingsley Philips (Agbokigboro) among others.

He described the visit as a boost to his image and an increase to the patronage of his new hotel in Agbor, adding that the visitation was made just exactly two weeks he was installed as an Agbor Chief by the respected king.

Going forward, Chief Ibude enjoined all indigents of Agbor kingdom to rally round their king with international recognition, so as to collectively take the kingdom to an enviable heights.

He said, “we the newly installed Agbor Chiefs have assured the people of positive change in the land. However, we can do it together. Let all who felt they have, in one way or the other, offended the king to return back to their loving father whose care is endless.

“We have indeed, lost so much as a kingdom, now it is important that we come together to reclaim and protect what is ours.”

Chief Ibude concluded by praying God Almighty to keep protecting the king and grant him more wisdom to lead his people for peace and development. He also prayed God to bless Agbor kingdom.

HRM Dr. Benjamin Ikenchuku, Keagborekuzi I (m) seated with
Chief Sunny Ibude (left) & Chief Oni Agbobu (right)

HRM Dr. Benjamin Ikenchuku, Keagborekuzi I (m) seated with his subject during the visit

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