Self Respect
By Nma Ewere.

This is an eleven letter description of dignity.
Self-respect is self-pride; it is the honor you give to yourself in order to avoid dishonor from others.

It is the value or the worth that you place on yourself.
In other words, self-respect is the short cut to honor.
The respect you give to others is compulsory but it’s the respect you give to yourself that determines how, why, and when you are respected.
If one doesn’t have this sense of dignity, he/she is likely to get disrespect from others.

When a Medical Doctor respects himself.
A Bricklayer respects himself.
A Lawyer respects himself.

Therefore, the Bricklayer should not be disrespected in any form by the Medical Doctor nor the Lawyer. It doesn’t matter one’s status, rich or poor, young or old, blind or deaf, everyone should have this sense of dignity in order to avoid dishonor from others.

© Nma Ewere.

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