This topic-Demonic covenant of mother and child is very imperative and worth discussing. Frankly speaking, those nine months or thereabout, a child develops in the mother’s womb; a bond had been reached between the child and the mother. That is so as the child grows up, no matter the offence of the mother, there is always a room to forgive by the child because of the bond.

Instances abound, as a grown up man, each time he visits home to see his parents, he spent more time with his mother than with his father. And if the daughter should put to bed and the mother visits to take care of her and the new born baby, when it’s time for her mother to return home, the daughter buys her many things and reasonable amount of money added. She will then give her mother a bottle of dry-gin (hot drink) to give to her father.

There was the case of a woman who visited to take care of her daughter that put to bed. And by the time her mother was to return home, she bought for her mother brand of clothing materials and other valuables. The son-in-law as well gave her good money. The daughter only bought for her father a cutlass, file and a bottle of dry-gin (hot wine). So, when the mother arrived home, she presented the items to her husband saying “Your daughter said I should give these items to you”.
Her husband collected the hot drink then said to his wife to have the cutlass and file saying “Am not born to suffer forever” He then asked his wife, “Did you show me what was given to you”?

This covenant of mother and child had really damaged many homes, be it in rich or poor homes. It must have its impact.
In most cases when there is quarrel in the home, the children, seemed to take side with their mother.
The other day at Asaba, a retired friend of mine, had a rift with his wife for not serving his breakfast.

For his wife to show some remorse, she immediately phones her sons in Lagos and in South Africa- reporting their father to them. The sons simultaneously called their father, warning him to stop disturbing their mother. Their father was shocked and dumbfounded.

Again, a high ranking retired officer of the force had a quarrel with his wife and the children knowing very well that their mother nags, called their father on phone to stop troubling their mother and that should he continues, they will disown him as their father. This retired high ranking officer of the force,who his children said they will disown, had buildings put on rents and his wife (the mother of the children) is the one collecting the rents, yet, the man is not having peace of mind.

In some homes, the situation is so bad if the man is retired from service and his wife is still in service. The wife sees the man as nobody. That bedroom relationship of a man and woman is being sanctioned. And if the husband dares go out to find solace, she raises alarm telling the world that the man goes out spending his gratuity on women.

In fact, the impact gotten by men by this demonic covenant, of a mother and child there is little or nothing than can be done among black race vis-a-vis Nigeria as a case study!

See you next week.

True to life story

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