his was my first day of resumption. Some students left the school while some came in as “freshers”.

So there was this girl.
There was so many scars on her face, her hands and even her leg.
I just wanted to know, not that I wanted to do “aproko” I was curious.
We had already started a conversation when I asked
Me: what are these scars on your body?
Girl: You see these scars on my body; they are scars of my torture (she sniffs) this is what happened.

It all started when my mum was about to die, she fell ill for two days, on the third day; she told me she was going to meet grandpa.
Little me, I went around and broadcasted it to everyone, my aunts, uncles and my daddy.

After a couple of hours, my mum died. I didn’t cry, I couldn’t cry as much as I would have love to. I was truly hurt. We then went to the village for her burial. After mum’s wake, I was accused of killing my mum and being a witch.
They said I knew mum was going to die since I knew she was going to meet grandpa.
I was shocked, I didn’t understand.
And then I was being flogged to confess that I was a witch, even my dad joined them.

They flogged and flogged but tears didn’t seem to drop down my eyes. I screamed and shouted in pain but no one believed me.
Until I finally collapsed. Waking up in the hospital, my family members were there.

I heard the doctor say
“She was born with no reflex of emotional tears”
That’s my story of these scars on my body.
Hearing this full gist like this, I didn’t think twice before penning this week’s edition of Nma’s Corner.

©Nma Ewere.

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