Ute-Okpu deaths: These three
things are responsible – Hassan

Chief Dr Yomi Hassan

The recent incessant deaths recorded in Ute-Okpu and neighboring communities in Ika North East Local Government Area have drawn concern from government and health authorities who have attributed it to yellow fever. However, some segments of society attest that these deaths have a spiritual undertone and must be addressed traditionally in order to avert further deaths.

One of such propagators of this line of thought is the popular doctor of occult science, Chief Dr Yomi Hassan who categorically stated that except three pressing issues are addressed in Ute-Okpu, more deaths will be recorded.

I have been very troubled over the unnecessary deaths of youths in Ute-Okpu and from my findings; three issues need to be addressed as a matter of urgency. I appeal to the king, elders and youths to heed to these warnings as failure to will result to dire consequences. First of all they should find out the cause of death of their former king. Secondly, a sacred, ancestral was cut down and finally, a designated land where late kings of Ute-Okpu are buried was recently sold to an individual”.
Commenting on the yellow fever factor as proffered by health authorities and government, he stated that every affliction must be given a medical name, but this particular development is being fuelled by supernatural factors.

Let them make their findings and if I’m called upon to help with a solution, I will be of service. I will offer my services free of charge and help put an end to this unsavory development, as long as the three issues I raiser earlier are addressed.

He appealed for calm and restraint from the youths, while a lasting solution is sought.

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