Based on, I and cockroach are not on the same page, it’s one of my worst insects.

For that reason, I stay out of reach any time I see cockroach.
Suddenly, this cockroach decided to trespass.
Into my own territory!

“I will make sure you will never see the light of day”.

Let me give the full gist:
I was just about to sleep when I felt something was wrong in my room.
A cockroach was crawling on my bed.
If it only entered my room, I would have given it small mercy.
But no!

E dey form boss.
It thinks it will enter my territory and leave there alive?
You are solely mistaking.
Gone are those days when cockroach used to fear daughter of man!
But now it has started ‘chopping mind’
I quickly ran to get my old school cortina shoe that I’ve long abandoned.

Can you imagine?
This naughty cockroach was just playing ball with me.
If I go right, it goes left.
If I go front, it goes back.
I managed to stop this vice versa movement.
Then it entered my Christmas shoe.

E nor fear face!
When I finally managed to get it out of my shoe.
I used my cortina shoe to smash it’s head.
But l remembered that amazing fact about cockroach:

“A cockroach can live for one week without its head, but will eventually die due to lack of water and food.”

After smashing its head, it still had the guts to move its body, instead of it to pretend that it has died.

Stupid cockroach!!!!
Guess what happened next?
I finished the work I had started with my body drenched with sweat.
Only for me to enter into the bathroom and see three cockroaches staring at me.

You know what happened next?
Your guess is as good as mine!
Give me techniques on how to wipe out the whole generation of cockroaches ranging from biggest to smallest.
And I will be a happier person!

©Nma Ewere.

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