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“They will sponsor people to provoke you on purpose for speaking the truth about the frauds they commit against humanity and expect you not to respond in kind, in their desperate search for ways to discredit you and label you as immature and temperamental as if silence is one of the indices for measuring good leadership or potentials for it.

They do it because they are bereft of ideas about how to articulate constructive arguments, afraid of being stripped and so, would do anything to cover-up their inadequacies, using their paid robotic online thugs to play the victims and launch attacks on their behalf to help them generate the inordinate sympathies they need to continue to mislead the gullible people because they believe that you are seeking for an elective office which is a direct threat to their interests.

Being silent in politics is healthy for those without ideas and those with something to hide about their characters and their dealings which may be damaging to their offices or aspirations, but never an attribute of good leaders.

Speaking to issues including pushing back with precision no matter how many times, especially it is compelling and when it matters most is aptly diagnostic of good leadership which is endowed with the power to choose what to respond to, how to respond and when to stop responding in a country where people create distractions to derail constructive arguments as strategies to protect themselves from embarrassing exposures of their inadequacies.

The most annoying thing I have learned from some Nigerians is their conspiracy of silence when they must confront disrespectful people on public forums is their resort to sending private messages, asking you to ignore irritants that they ought to publicly call to order for their open disrespect for others.

They do so in order not to offend the irritants because they are into one thing or the other with them, they have compromised themselves or because they are friends, making you feel guilty as if you are the offender.

I tell Nigerians, especially family members and friends, if you see someone disrespect me on any public forum because of any variant position I may hold, you are better off silent and don’t call or send me any private message if you cannot call that person to order as I would do when anybody is disrespected, and I will NEVER fault you as I am capable of handling a complex variety of personalities having chosen to put myself in Nigeria’s public domain loaded with all kinds of characters”.

“Somebody should please tell Dr. Ojougboh not to blackmail or threaten us. How will publishing names of those grounding the country break up the country? What then is the objective of the forensic audit of the Commission if not to unearth those who looted the organization? Dr. Ojougboh should note that indeed one of the things capable of breaking Nigeria is if looters of our collective wealth are not brought to justice. It is the whole essence of the forensic audit of the NDDC in the first place. So if you don’t release the list, then the objective of the audit is defeated and you should discontinue it, and vacate your seat as director of operations.
Besides, it is not your call to publish or not to publish the list. It is Mr. President’s call, so don’t second guess the President.

Dr. Cairo Ojougboh, a man given to sounding combative on national television, is suddenly sounding conciliatory, emotionalizing about the consequences of publicizing NDDC’s looters list?
Something are wronging” according to Chief Zebrudaya Okorigwe Nwogbo alias 4.30.

What is it that is causing a normally snarling and combustible Ojougboh to adopt the mien of a wise and wiry Obierike in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart?

Will a true and credible forensic audit fail to produce a list of looters that exclude the likes of Ojougboh or Niger-Delta Minister Akpabio? I hope this is not what has informed his new-found mellow tone?
Dr. Ojougbo, please spare us the emotions. We want to see the list of NDDC looters. Nigeria will not break.

—John Akugbe.

“You will recall that two years ago, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa assented to a piece of legislation outlawing what we used to call “deve”. We are making it very clear that, that law is still in force because we are getting reports that some persons are still harassing some individuals and that if anybody harasses you because you want to develop your plot of land, or your property, you are at liberty to notify the law enforcement agencies to prosecute such persons. You don’t say because that law has been signed and take the law into your hands to fight anybody who wants to harass you. Take advantage of that law to invite the law enforcement agencies whose duty it is to prosecute such persons. We are also seizing this opportunity to warn those who think that they can harass big investors, being it local or foreign that we will not hesitate to take advantage of that law to prosecute anybody found wanting in this regard”.

– Charles Aniagwu, Delta State Commissioner of Information.

“Why would anyone think Asaba is not beautiful enough, after all, how much is generated from Asaba as revenue? Delta state government has to take development to other cities in Delta not Asaba alone”

“The aim of establishing the local government system has been jeopardized by the people who have held the local governments in Nigeria to ransom thereby, turning it to their ATM machine and subjecting the masses and electorate to hardship and pitiable situations. African Democratic Congress, ADC is determined to rescue the local government from the hands of the cabals who felt local government belong to them and not to the people of IkA South. The people must resist political failures Oliver twist offer this time so as to entrench people and result oriented leadership.”

–Engr. Okolie C. Austine

“Nigeria will break if we release NDDC looters list”
–Cairo Ojougboh

“Character is important. Character is Gold.
When wealth is lost, nothing is lost”
When health is lost, something is lost”
“But when Character is lost, we have lost everything”

  • Professor Pat. Utomi
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