“Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions”

The President/Founder of D-Peterson Foundation, Dr. Donald Peterson, PHF, has joined millions of Nigerians to celebrate Teachers across the globe in WORLD TEACHERS DAY 2021 celebration with the theme “Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery”. This year theme recognizes teachers for their tireless efforts even during times like COVID 19 pandemic and lockdowns.

Dr. Peterson salutes the teachers for their resilience, loyalty and commitment to their duties in the face of some obvious challenges.
He said “Teachers ask questions and help students find answers. Yet learning isn’t only about finding the right answers, but also, creating the road that leads to the answer. Learning with every step is the true sign of progress.

Teachers give us politicians, medical doctors, lawyers, musicians, comic artists, filmmakers, astronauts, architects, footballers, programmers, and entrepreneurs. Without teachers, we wouldn’t have superman, the Eagle Square or the internet. Ultimately, it is the teachers who have the greatest superpower; creating superheroes”

He continued, “To further celebrate our teachers, we at D-Peterson Foundation has instituted an annual teachers award ceremony wherein we reward and encourage best performing teachers in our local government council to act as an incentives and pride to the teaching profession. By God Grace, this year’s event will be more rewarding and a better experience for all the teachers in the council.”

Everyone that has the ability to read and write should be very grateful to our teachers, the statement ended.

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